Massages, a good start on the path to active longevity!
Body Treatments, it will give you the feeling of zero gravity.
Facial Treatments , it will fill you with vitality and the joy of being yourself.


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About Us

As the Inovaspa family, we provide professional service with the team we have formed with experts in their field.  By carefully examining the customer profile, together with our expert teammates, we act in a way that is 100% committed to our customers' wishes.  We have achieved a perfect harmony between the talents of the people working within the company and the customer profile in the field we serve.  Our professional team consists of people who aim to fulfill the customers' request.

In the developing world, we follow the latest innovations and treatments very closely. As Inovaspa, we too always aim to develop and incorporate innovations into the company. We have adopted the essential principle of customer satisfaction,  and in addition, we attach great importance to the principle of continuing until our employees are satisfied with their work.